Why Am I Doing This?

My motivations for planning this expedition are as follows:

  • Test the boundaries of human psychological and physiological capabilities. With excellent planning and day-by-day goal settings, I believe almost anything is possible.
  • Investigate and test the importance of health and fitness in varying environments and how ancient tribes utilize their fitness and health in these environments. Their survival strategies have allowed them to survive for thousands of years.
  • Help build awareness and confidence to people that are at a disadvantage.
  • Bring awareness to the environment and that we must conserve it. The best way to truly recognise the earth is to tread lightly on it.

“The only way to truly know who you are, is to challenge yourself and to push your body and mind to breaking points. In such circumstances, your true character, strength and weakness will be revealed. Unfortunately most people will never find out who they truly are as they are constrained by fear of the unknown. I aim to push my personal limits by exploring the vast continent of Africa, and exploring new ideologies along the way. This adventure will allow me to see life as it was truly meant to be – free, miraculous and full of grandeur.” – Mario Rigby


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