• When does your trip begin? – November 24, 2015
  • How far is your walk? – 10,000 Km (calculations based on flat terrain)
  • How long will your trip take? – Roughly 2 years
  • Will you have transportation? – Only foot and/or paddle/sail boat are my forms of transportation. No motor vehicles will be in this expedition
  • Who will join you? – This is a solo mission. However anyone can join me for short durations at any point of the expedition
  • How can I help? – You can send funds to gofundme.com/CrossingAfrica or if you have contacts in places I will cross you can email me at: mariorigby2@gmail.com
  • Is it safe? – It is as safe as I am prepared for
  • Where will you be sleeping? – The homes of strangers, camping in the wild, schools and charitable organizations along my route
  • How much will it cost? – Cost varies between $10,000 – $15,000. I will be living bare minimum ($1 – $3 / day)


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