Arrival to Ethiopia

I’m in Ethiopia and it’s beautiful here. My time in Kenya however felt too short and fast. Charlotte and I covered roughly 1000km in 1 month. I climbed Mount Kenya, walked with Massai warriors and enjoyed the vastness of scenic lands. I will write a blog on my experience of Kenya on my website
Ethiopia, although I’ve only been here a few days has great coffee, delicious foods and a very diverse background of African tribes who live along the Great Rift Valley. I will hang out in Addis for 2 weeks where I try to find funds to continue my walk across this cuntry, then begin my Ethiopia to North Sudan walk. I’m really excited to explore this incredibly vibrant and rich country. 

On the sad news my most trusting companion Charlotte will be heading back to Berlin for school. She has joined me solidly from Iringa, Tanzania to Moyale, Kenya (border between Kenya and Ethiopia). It won’t be the same without her, the bravest person you could ever meet.


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