Birthday with Maasai Warriors

I’m 31 today and this time last year I celebrated my 30th birthday on a flight to South Africa. With no clue as to what to expect, I had only my faith in humanity and my 10 month long preparations for this 2 year journey. It is now year 1 and it has been a really tough road. I make it appear easy, believe me it is not. The shootings with rebel tribes in Mozambique, the arrests in South Africa, jailed in Malawi, threatened by elephants, hippos and snakes, nearly drowning trying to cross rivers or drowning in the middle of Lake Malawi. I desperately would like to be in a dark quiet room and do nothing for 1 more month.

One of my proudest moments ever with Donna Foster back in 2015

They don’t know who you are, but they know that you are strong

Conquering loneliness in the wild

Some paths are better than others

I have have had the privilege of meeting amazing travellers who also push the boundaries of human ability, they are my inspiration. A few have completed their journey, others are somewhere in the world without communication and some ended up losing their lives because of their adventurous spirits. Their spirit lives on through people they have inspired. I focus my thoughts today on them.

Preparations for Crossing Africa

The idea of continuing to cross Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt frightens me, however it is my fright that fuels my ambition to continue on. With the help of so many people, I sincerely wish to pay it back someday. My mother has been by far my biggest supporter on this journey, helping me with whatever it is I need with the very limited resources she has. I love her and her spirit which keeps me motivated during hard times. I am forever grateful to have such a wonderful human being on my team.


I’ve lost connections with old friends that I considered to be my best friends, there is no blame, and I’ve connected with people from the past I never thought I would be friends with, times do change. I am constantly surrounded by new strangers who comfort me into their homes and lives, this is a dance I am all too familiar with. No one is a stranger to me anymore. It shows me how kind the world can be outside the borders of where you’re born. Then there are those who have helped me along the way financially which has been one of my biggest struggles,or by walking side by side with me, letting me sleep in your homes or giving me water. Without question I would not have made it this far.

Back in Cape Town


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  1. Again once you get to Sudan look up the Admin officer, Ed Cashman. He has heard about you and is following your journey. Good Luck!


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