Lake Malawi | Nkhotakota

It’s been hectic, pushing 30 to 50km per day to make up lost time in Nkhata Bay. Impossible to sleep anywhere without children, sometimes of the hundreds bombarding. You want to stay sane and smiling but the tiredness gets to you.

In each village (or random beach) I have to meet with the chief (the guy in the white shirt) and he decides whether I stay or not. Some of these people along this massive lake have never seen a foreigner, so for me to speak English with a black face is completely alien to them.

Today I had some problems with the kayak, where it nearly went sinking 2km out in the lake. That was the scariest moment, forget the 3 – 4 metre high waves, they’re fun. But having your boat sink while adrift can really get your nerves going. I managed to swim ashore (along some rocks) which had me scraped up head to toe, however I survived and managed to save the kayak as well. Lesson well learned.

I might not make another post until I arrive in Nkhata Bay, that’s 6 days from now.

Be cool, say yes and live life fully!


3 responses to “Lake Malawi | Nkhotakota

  1. Hi Mario,
    Wish you safe travels.I lived in Tanzania
    Years ago. Africa is a great place.
    Good luck in your challenging treak.



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