Lake Malawi | The Voyage Begins

Rowing Lake Malawi | The Beginning (Video)

The biggest obstacles aren’t: nearly drowning in a river, falling off a long board at high speed, drag racing, getting shot at by rebels or dying from heat exhaustion, just to name a few things that have happened. The biggest obstacle has been dealing with people. I had to dance over lava just to receive a kayak that a week ago seemed like an impossible dream, but here I am with the perfect kayak and all because of the generosity of a few amazing people who believed in my cause. I am incredibly grateful for Myburgh and Willie to have given me their kayak to use for the one month it takes to cross the Lake as well as Kay De Silva and Bernie who have helped connect me with these guys and of course everyone else who was a part of this mission. They trusted not only my capabilities but also my spirit of adventure and exploration. It is only through exploration and rugged adventure that you will discover humanity. After a week of hustling and getting turned down at every corner I am now ready to row.
Why is it always the poorest people who have nothing to give but give everything and ask for nothing in return? The answer is for you to discover.
Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new voyage where I will kayak from the bottom to the top of Lake Malawi, eventually arriving in Tanzania. This is an exciting adventure, though I’ve been given many warnings about the grave dangers the lake can throw at me, sudden freak waves that reach 4 to 5 metres, hippos and crocs that lurke along the coasts. These things don’t scare me, it will be a beautiful challenge.​

​These guys (Willie and Myburgh) have circumnavigated the entire lake which took the 2 months to cover. They have handed me their kayak (Lake Biscuit) to continue on the journey.

And she stands alone ready for yet another adventure

Myburgh making his last inspection of the kayak

Willie and Myburgh – awesome South Africans

Her name is Lake Biscuit

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