My First Mountain Climb | Mt. Mulanje

I’ve climbed Mt. Mulanje and I have never felt more haenged before in my life than the last 3 days. My friend Flora I met through Couchsurfing decided to join me last minute and missions climbing and hiking up 3002 metres high. This mountain might seem small compared to the massive 5000m to 8000m mountains but the change of rock climbing and vertical walls made this a fantastic challenge. I’ve made some wonderful videos which I’ll post up soon.

Out view from the Skyline parh at roughly 1000 metres

Flora the explorer decided to join me on this side adventure last minute and was able to outpace me on most of the hill climbs

This was base camp, bafter a hard 6 hour climb we rested here.

After our summit we tool a dip down the mountain where we found a waterfall

Final summit to the toop of Sapitwa (Mount Mulanje)

Originally i wasnt going to get a guide but after being lost for 6 hours me and Flora decided to give in. Governer was our guide and we couldnt have asked for anyone better

Logging and deforestation is a major problem in Malawi and this is a prime example of all the trees being cut down


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