Hostel Experience in Muizenberg

I’ve made such good friends at the Stoked Hostel. I recommend anyone traveling along the southern tip of Cape Town to check it out. I even decided to stay an extra night. Though I won’t able to do that often, this was the time and place for it. I even ended up making connections in Malawi with the Hostel’s manager Henry. Really cool guy. The owner herself actually lived in Toronto once.

The community in this town called Muizenberg is all about living life. Surfers everywhere you look, I wish I had a try with the waves and the board. The town reminded me of Hawaii where everyone is chill and up for an adventure. The hostel definitely embraced all those qualities, along with clean rooms, baths and the whole works. I was quite happy.

Breakfast in heaven:  


Omre and I decided to buy groceries for dinner that night. We ended up grabbing wine, steak and veggies. Perfect for a last night, everyone was invited. At the dinner we met 2 Germans, their names were Lululemon and She hot (nicknames) .

Lululemon, She Hot, Stephen, Omre and myself.

The day after a fun night of making and eating dinner with wine and new friends I had to depart for my long journey to Somerset. The fun ends and mission continues!.

I hate the goodbyes: me and Henry


2 responses to “Hostel Experience in Muizenberg

  1. You are making new friends and living the adventure you have dreamed about! Not many people have achieved their life’s goal, as you have done, Mario. Proud to have met such a lovely soul.

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