Beginning of Crossing Africa | Cape Point

I met Gilmore the day before at a cafe in Cape Town, he was excited about my adventure and asked to join me on the first leg of my expedition, I told him meet me tomorrow morning at 5AM. As like most people who say they’ll do something Gilmore actually phoned me the next morning at 4:30AM at the hostil I was staying at called the Blue Mountain Backpackers.

YouTube link

We then headed over to catch the economy train. I thought rising the train would be pretty fun, and it was.

Boarding the train at 5:50AM


View from our train ride. Insane!

After learning that there are quite a number of Baboons we got a little worried about our unaided walk to Cape Point from the check point to the national park. I had to pay us entry fee and needed up walking 3 hours just to get to the start point, however we managed to catch a ride with some security forces along the way.

Just before Cape Point we played around with video shooting.

Video – Slow motion reaction to mountain view

Hitching a short ride with these cool guys.  

Video – Hitching a ride

Finally getting to Cape Point

We were getting really excited and exhausted once we finally reached the climb to get to the lighthouse. I was panting and sweating heavily while Gilmore seemed to have all the energy in the world.

Video – Observation deck at top of Cape Point Lighthouse

Gilmore and I ran into some cool peeps along the way. 2 guys from France and one from Holland, Gilmore told them about me Croasinf Africa and so they decided we need to take the extra risky route to get the the very end. The very end was closed off to the public due to danger of falling. So naturally we all went without hesitation.


Video – Taking risks to get to the beginning of the world

Video – Hopping gates to get there
Video – Rare breathtaking view of Cape Point
This is the end!

The walk to Cairo now begins

We ended up walking back. Which ended up being a long and cruel walk back, however the views were still spectacular.

The saddest part was to part from my new and exciting friend Gilmore. So my journey continues on solo to the hostel which was about 9.5 hours walk from Cape Point.

I had already reserved a room at a hostel. However after half an hour of being lost at night and not being able to get in contact with the hostel I decided to just drift and see if there is anything else around. Luckily I came across this Hostel called Stoked Backpackers. As soon as I walked in, I was treated like family. So I ended up staying there. Immediately made friends with Omre who is a traveler from Israel, we arrived at the same time so we decided to grab dinner and wine together along with a few others.

Life is good!


4 responses to “Beginning of Crossing Africa | Cape Point

  1. So. Here has been the first day of your epic adventure! It will define your life. And so it should. In the whole world there are very very few who would endeavour to undertake such an odessey. Good luck sir.

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