Day 3 – Views from the mountains


A beautiful view from Table Mountain overlooking City Centre

Taking in the view from the mountains


Must have the mountain selfie

As we started our day bright and early and headed into the City Centre we found ourselves crushed in midst of rush hour. Today we set off to experience Table Mountain on special tour guided buses. The mountainous sights were unimaginably breathtaking to say the least. We rode the bus along the narrow slopes of the mountain until we finally reached the cable cars. 

After taking in the beautiful scenery from atop the mountain. we headed down toward Clifton Beach. First thing that popped into Alessandro’s mind was indulging in a delicious gelato which we each purchased along the beach front. Clifton is on the the Atlantic side where the 2 oceans meet, however the  Atlantic water was unfortunately too cold for anyone to step foot in.

The last part of our journey today we walked through Sea Point and ended up finding  ourselves at the park playing on the swings, which reminded me of my childhood days living back in Germany.

The temperatures were perfect, in fact the warm temperature and cool sea breeze felt so nice it seemed theoretic. It’s day 3 and I can’t help but notice that the big walk is coming ahead really soon. I will become the explorer i’ve set myself out to be. South Africa has so much beauty and the people are so lively, it is upsetting to hear 

See you tomorrow for day 4.


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