Arrival in Cape Town

After some fine wine, chocolate and great sceneries from the observation deck we drove to Blouberg Beach for ice-cream. Unfortunately the winds were too strong and surprisingly cold so we couldn’t find ice-cream venues, instead we took a whole lot of photos though tomorrow (Day 3) I will be capturing some great shots as the temperatures rise and clouds disappear. It was so windy that the sand from the beach actually felt we were being sandblasted. However we did trek along the beach and took fantastic photos overlooking the sea and mountains. Finally got back home where Alessandro’s mom had prepared us a Portuguese supper.

Some photos along the beach:12314534_1518467421781229_2677104492864685181_o.jpg

  Day 1 – Arrival


Waiting for departure in rainy Amsterdam

After a sleepless 23 hour flight from Toronto, Canada to Cape Town, South Africa due to my seat mates on flight telling me their life stories caused me to experience some major jet-leg. However when I finally landed in Cape Town at 11:00pm. That didn’t stop my host Alessandro, whom picked me up from the airport from taking me straight to the pub for a beer to get a sense of Cape Town on a a late Tuesday evening.

IMG_5303I was immediately struck with modern South African culture and people as we headed into City Centre where all the pubs were lined up on a single street. The streets had a very old Dutch style architecture to to them, which I expected considering there is a lot of European influence in this city. Alessandro and I enjoyed a couple of beers, looked at some dance scenes and headed back to his beautiful home near Tiger Mountain. Because of Alessandro and his parents I have had the best hosts anyone could ever ask for. Not only did they welcome me to stay until I begin my walk on Monday – Nov 30th but he has also given up his bed to assure my stay in Cape Town is wonderful. I am blown back by the beauty of this country and I can’t wait to explore as much as I can.


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