Gear review | Toronto to Montreal walk

Gear I used to walk from Toronto to Montreal. A lot of it I’ll need to replace or get rid of and a few things I’ll need to include for Crossing Africa. Also these are items I have used, though I brought a few more with me that I just haven’t listed below.

  1. Shoes (boots and sneakers)
  2. Long pants + 1 short + rain pants
  3. Three shirts, 2 long sleeve
  4. Jacket (1 windbreaker)
  5. Zippered sweater
  6. Underwear (3 compression tights)
  7. Backpack (65L)
  8. Tent (3 person – 8lbs)
  9. Sleeping bag
  10. Liner
  11. Thermal mat
  12. Poncho
  13. Paracort
  14. Headlamp + flashlight
  15. Portable chargers X 2
  16. Solar panel 7watt
  17. Scarf, gloves, 2 baseball caps, tooke, wool socks
  18. Waterproof journal, Printed maps, Survival book guide
  19. Analog watch, 1 sunglasses
  20. iPhone + digital camera
  21. Resistance band (medium + heavy)
  22. Water bottle 1.5L + bladder 2L
  23. Toiletries in 5L bag
  24. Pocket knife, compass, batteries, electrolytes
  25. Dry sacks (5 various sizes)
  26. First aid kit


  1. Hammock with misquote net
  2. Dessert combat boots (better protection against elements)
  3. Much lighter/smaller tent
  4. Lifestraw or filtration systems
  5. Flip flops


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