Looking for charitable organizations

bg-main-1024x471-930x320I’ve been researching charitable organizations a lot lately, mainly the ones situated in Africa. I will definitely participate in helping some of these organizations as best I can. I have little to know resources other than my helping hand and some skills of knowledge but I think even that will be a major impact to the children’s lives I interact with. If you
are a part of or know any charitable organizations in the following countries below, please let me know.

Thank You!
(List of countries I will walk/trek across in order of dates)
  • South Africa (December – February 2016)
  • Namibia (February – March)
  • Botswana (March – May)
  • Zimbabwe (May – July)
  • Zambia (August)
  • Mozambique (September – October)
  • Tanzania (October – December)
  • Uganda (January – February 2017)
  • Kenya (February – April)
  • Eritrea* (April)
  • Ethiopia (May – July)
  • South Sudan* (August)
  • Sudan (August – October)
  • Egypt (November)

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