Funding for Walk Across Africa

Dear friends and family,

I am embarking on a once in a lifetime expedition to walk, climb, paddle, run the African continent starting from Cape Town to Cairo, solo but with you my dear friends I will be keeping you with me as I trek this terrain frequently posting on my blog. Your outside support will be the deciding factor of my success. Logistic teams, government papers, emergency support, vaccines, blogging and opportunities to help those in need along my route require expenses. My biggest goal for this expedition is to visit the many schools, orphanages and the African people along my route and hope to donate, motivate and learn as much as I can to share with the rest of the world.

The purpose of this mission and for the sake of humanity is to share with you and the rest of the world to document as best I can the journey as I head out into this dangerous and mysterious terrain. I know you will find beauty in these remote parts of the world. I hope to keep you entertained with the unexpected circumstances that I know I will find along the way that otherwise would never have been exposed to you.

It is my hope that we will all become, all of humanity become more consciously aware of the environment that we have been given the people’s lives that we touch and how we can care for earth, our life on earth and our children’s children life on earth.

Allow me to share with you this amazing opportunity that lies ahead. I sincerely hope that you see the value in what we will accomplish reaching out to all humanity and as you can imagine, a mission like that requires financial support. Together we can all make this happen by contributing as little as $1 – we have a target to raise $5000 by November 24th.

To become a part of this exciting mission you can pledge your financial support for as little as $1 – visit this link ( or you can e-transfer me to my email at:

I would like to thank those that have helped me along the way so far. I appreciate all your efforts greatly!
Best regards,

Mario Rigby
Personal Trainer, Explorer


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