Walk from Toronto to Hamilton (one shot)

The first 5 or 6 hours you feel fine, pass that 9 hour time bracket and you start discovering all your weakest points. Slight doubt sevelops in your Head and with that panic takes place. You repeat in your head over and over “don’t get injured, don’t get injured” not because it hurts because it would be damn near impossible to finish 6 more hours of power walking with 80lbs strapped to your back.

My experience was every emotion I’ve ever experienced. Never have I walked for so long, let alone carry that much weight but I convinced myself I could do it. There sad times, but those were brief moment of self pity for which I quickly got myself out of. Moments of bliss and happiness happened when I felt cool breezes, shade and the help and kindness of strangers. My most emotional was probably the end, as soon as I got to Hamilton I completely collapsed. I felt joy, sadness, relief and excitement all at once. It was definitely a new sensation.

Without the help of my friends and the help of strangers it would have been a much harder trek. When I thought I was lost I ran into an organic farm looking for direction. I’m glad I did because I met these lovely ladies at the Cristian Farms in Oakville;

At the ends of the trek I was picked up by my friend Claudia and her kids and they made me a wicked salmon dinner. What more could I ask for? Thanks so much for your accommodation guys.

I’ve learned so much on this journey. I’ve leaned how to push myself harder when I feel weaker. Bring a camera instead of using your camera phone, I’ve had to recharge my phone about 3 times (that slowed me down significantly) also get reliable GPS. I’ve learned how to pace and judge distances. But most importantly anything out set your mind to can be accomplished, with a little bit of planning and lots of courage. Yes it’s possible to trek from Toronto in one shot and next time I do it, I will cut my time down by 3 hours. This is great practice for trekking through Africa, however I will not be covering such long distances the rest.

I hope to see you on my next adventure I!

Here are some stats. I was using another GPS tracker but it crashed on me half way through. So I used Human app for iOS. It only Trekker while I was moving so the time duration is inaccurate. Also it didn’t consider that I was power walking with an 80lb backpack so I presume I burnt well over 5000 calories.


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