Updates on my Progress

Here’s what I’m doing day by day. I mainly work all day training 8 clients a day 6 days a week. When I don’t work, usually workout or walk (with heavy backpack for training), or work on my expedition prep. I get thoroughly exhausted at the end of the week but what’s most important is reaching my goal of saving enough money to Cross Africa’s continent in one go.

Currently I’m focused on getting all my paper work organized and completed – without that I don’t go anywhere, Huge thanks to mom for helping me with this.

My next focus is planning my route in full detail. Because I’ll be visiting schools along the way (called “100 Schools project”), I will need to contact each school ahead of time since I plan to have motivational talks there. This part of planning will begin next week in July.

Lots of work ahead of me!
Stock image is a representation of what to expect. 


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