IMG_2208I’ve been keeping in shape for months now just by walking everywhere and strength training every other day. So just the basics. Now it’s time to get into more specific type training. I will be following some of the Military’s stringent and tough training regimes to help enable me to traverse expansive and tough terrain.
It will take me roughly 1 year 2.5 months, 66 weeks, 462 days and 1960 hours to complete the journey – Easy!
  1. Walk 20km with a 60lbs Rucksack bag 3x/week
  2. Run 40km per week
  3. Walk 30 Hours / Week average
  4. Sport Conditioning (Agility, mobility and stamina)
  5. Strength Training, primarily legs and core (get stronger not bigger)
  6. Rock Climbing and hill walking
  7. Other skill set training

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