Solo camping in the rain

Once you set your sights on an expedition such as Crossing Africa on footIMG_2282 most other adventure seem like a cakewalk in comparison. Though having this mindset can be delusional and even dangerous it can also lead up to fantastic micro adventuring. For myself it has to be all or none, the in betweens don’t stimulate me enough for me to care. Therefor I waited for the perfect conditions; rain, cold and nighttime. It may seem a little crazy to some, however these are conditions I will be facing throughout my 1 year trek. IMG_2303My micro-adventure started at 10pm with heavy pouring rain, to me that was signal to begin. I loved every element nature had thrown at me. The brisk cold winds, sideways falling rain obstructing my vision and the muddy grounds sinking my feet deep beneath the earth. I was adequately prepared and supplied putting my fear level at ‘0’. As I walked through the park I soon realized I was the only person there. I’ve never seen any city so desolate before. For a moment I felt a sense of loneliness that soon turned into excitement and a heightened sense of clarity and awareness. It’s an incredible mind-cleanse. Now I had to find the perfect place to pitch my tent. I’ve only tested it out once in my living room, it took me roughly 30 minutes to set up at home, while it only took me 15 minutes to set up in the dark, outside while raining I still managed to get too much water inside, making my situation quite amusing. No big deal a quick dry with my towel and all was well. Once the tent went up everything felt slowed-down and peaceful. I prepared to sleep and felt right at home with the rain drops hitting the roof of the tent. I smiled to myself for the accomplishment of just doing something for the first time. Next morning, I woke up refreshed and ready for the world until I realized my feet were completely numb. Apparently I forgot to dry one particular area of the tent thus my feet were soaked all night long. No big deal, got it dealt with and put down my tent. It’s amazing how surreal the woods can be early in the morning. It was foggy, cool, eerily silent and no one was around.

What I took from this microadventure is;

  1. I need to learn to more effectively pitch a tent in the rain.
  2. Using the moon’s light is more effective than a flashlight.
  3. Don’t rush into things, you will make mistakes.
  4. Solo camping be a ton of fun if done safely and prepped.

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