The best fitness gear for traveling

IMG_6851Picture this, you are travelling abroad on a tight budget or you are in a remote part of the world and the only thing that’s going on in your mind is getting in a solid workout, while simultaneously appreciating the sights and sounds of your foreign surroundings. You are faced with three options, given that you do not have access to gyms or any fitness facilities;
  1. First option is you don’t workout at all, however you promise yourself to kick butt in the gym as soon as you return from your trip. This approach is for the non-achiever as far as the fitness community is concerned. The other downside is depending on how long your trip is you will need to regain your previous fitness level (it roughly takes a week to lose a month’s worth of workout gain).
  2. Secondly you rely solely on calisthenic exercises. That’s a form of exercise that requires only your body weight such as air squats, push-ups or burpees, etc. This method can be challenging and if you haven’t trained your body to hold its own it can seem self defeating for the most part.
  3. Lastly and possibly the most suitable option is to carry light fitness gear along your trip. No need to bring the whole gym with you, all you need is an elastic band and a skip-rope. I will be posting a video shortly on how to best use these equipment and I will be including effective exercises that can be used no matter where you are.

Resistance bands can give you tremendous strength results and the possibilities are endless while the skip-rope is a great tool for cardiovascular fitness. These items are compact and versatile, perfect for you carry-on or backpack for all you travellers. They come in different sizes and resistance levels making them useful for beginners or experts. In my next article I will have how-to videos and top 10 benefits of using resistance bands and skip-ropes. In the meantime check out 10 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Exercise by Dr. Mercola.

No more excuses! get out there keep your body in shape, it is your most intimate tool you have.


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