Take an adventure in your neighbourhood

Too often we fantasize about adventures far across oceans, into the depths of forests and the vastness of deserts, yet a lot of the time our adventures are right here in our back yards. As children my brother and I would constantly seek adventures whether it was roaming through my small town in Stuttgart Germany or scavenging through the bushes and beautiful beaches in Turks and Caicos. While overtime society has encouraged us to seek security in a safe job and live the status quo, it does not work for the nay-sayer, the adventurer or risk taker. We must paint our own path in life because we refuse to live under servitude of an artificial entity that does not benefit our dreams, desires and values.
IMG_6756Having said that, I’ve gone through the struggle of finding myself in place of who I am in this vastness of life we live in. I believe I’ve found it, it has been my underlying fantasy since I could last remember, to circumnavigate the globe, to take on dangerous adventures, excursions in unknown lands and to share my discoveries and experiences with the masses. However before I embark on my grand journey, I must take on what I can, thus my first small but important adventures throughout my neighborhood.
The discoveries I’ve found were remarkable, though I understand to the average eye it would seem rather common.
The joy of having to climb over boulders, junk and sharp metal objects gave me a slither of excitement. In the meantime enjoy these images I took of my little trip.

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