My Life in One Bag

collagebackpackThe exciting part about preparing for a year long world tour is trying to squeeze your whole life into one backpack. I’m left with only the bare essentials, a minimalist at its core. The bulkier items are my electronics, the camera and laptop or ipad which will capture my everyday activities. I will be blogging, instagramming and writing articles. I will also be sharing tips as to how to make your trip a more memorable and stress free adventure.
If you have anything to add to my list please feel free to comment or message me.
  1. All paperwork: hotel confirmations, flight information, passport and travel insurance info
  2. Global plugin adapter
  3. Lightweight jacket scrunched into a ball
  4. iPad / or Laptop and ac adapter (optional keyboard if it’s ipad)
  5. Journal and pen
  6. Phone and charger.
  7. Camera and charger, compact camera and DSLR (GoPro is optional)
  8. SD Card connector
  9. Prescription medication, vitamins, supplements, water bottle
  10. Tiny first aid kit
  11. Face cream, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, brush, electric razor
  12. A few feet of duct tape can come in quite handy.
  13. A couple of resealable plastic bags.
  14. Shoes – two pairs total. one pair street shoes (runners) and more dressier boots (Worn on plane.)
  15. Pants / shorts (also work as swim trunks) – three pairs
  16. 5 t-shirts (Will most likely be in tropical destinations)
  17. 1 casual shirt with a collar.
  18. 1 dress shirts
  19. One blazer. (Optional, of course, but really useful)
  20. Belt (optional)
  21. Scarf, gloves, rain vest, pair of sunglasses
  22. 5 Underwear and 5 socks
  23. For my fitness of course (2 elastic bands, skipping rope)
By the way everything on the list fit in my bag (However for the DSLR Camera I used a prop similar in size) I’m sure I’m missing something in this list. However I’m way ahead of time. It’s time to focus on finding work.
Check out my blog for more updates to my upcoming world trip here

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